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DEcembER 2022

Lignano Sabbiadoro

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December 2022

Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine - Italy)


The largest freediving Symposium in the world, with the best champions, extraordinary coaches and prestigious researchers to talk about FREEDIVING and SPEARFISHING

After 15 years since the historic congress of 2007, the time has come to discover the evolution of our discipline, freediving.
WORLD APNEA SYMPOSYUM is a unique event in which there will be the opportunity to meet and listen to some of the strongest freedivers and spearfishers in the world who will tell their training methods, their records, their history and how they have faced challenges overcoming human limits.

The best international coaches and professionals who work behind the scenes of the performance and who will reveal their techniques and methodologies of specific physical and specific mental training leading to the success of their athletes will be present.

There will be no shortage of participation of doctors and researchers with the latest news in scientific research.

Umberto Pelizzari will present guests from all over the world, in an extraordinary logistics prepared specifically for this event and that will allow participants to be literally immersed in an unprecedented experience.

Everything is ready for this exceptional event organized by Apnea Academy, with the support of Apnea Evolution, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, the patronage of FIPSAS, CONI, Libertas, the University of Udine and the University of Geneva.



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10th december

08:00 – 8:45

09:00 – 9:30
OPENING CEREMONY: Welcome and greetings from organizing Committee: Umberto Pelizzari, Rosarita Gagliardi; Friuli Venezia Giulia authority

09:30 – 10:15

10:15 – 11:00
Alessia Zecchini – “UNA VITA IN APNEA”

11:00 – 11:15 – Coffee break

11:15 – 12:00
Umberto Pelizzari meets: Alenka Artinik e Alessia Zecchini

12:00- 12:45
Dott. Danilo Cialoni – Apnea Academy Research – DAN EUROPE

13:00 – 14:30 – Lunch

14:30 – 16:00
Panel Discussion SPEARFISHING: Umberto Pelizzari meets: Giacomo De Mola and Marco Bardi

16:00 – 16:15 – Coffee break

16:15 – 17:00
Abdel Alouach

17:00 – 17:45
Alexey Molchanov

17:45 – 18:30
Guillaume Néry

18:30 – 19:15
Umberto Pelizzari meets: Abdel Alouach, Alexey Molchanov, Guillaume Nerì

20:00 – DINER



11th december

08:30- 9:00
Prof. Guido Ferretti – Physiologist

09:00 – 9:45
Dott. Alessandro Vergendo – Mental Coach

9:45 – 11:00
Umberto Pelizzari meets: Angelo Sciacca e Cristina Francone

11:00 – 11:30 – Coffee break

11:30 – 12:15

12:30 – 14:00 – Lunch

14:00 – 14:45
Vitomir Maricic – Coach

14:45 – 15:30
Andrea Zuccari – Coach
“The compensation will never be the limit in apnea”

15:30 – 16:15

16:15 – 16:45

Closing Conference AND GREETINGS Umberto Pelizzari

Hosted by

Umberto Pellizzari


Abdel Alouach

Father of three children, 46 years old, in love with the Mediterranean Sea.
He had been a spearfisherman for a long time, he cames to freediving by chance and found himself caught up in competition and championships, he practiced a lot of sport in my youth and, each time with unlimited energy and motivation.
and since his arrival in the world of freediving he has not stopped looking for progress, exploring the capacities of his body and trying to find the elements allowing him to become better, not better than the others, but better than him even every day, every moment, every workout, finding the strength and energy to progress, and become a champion.
the road was long, difficult and he had to work a lot to succeed, and he succeeded, even if nobody believed it, even if they often told him that he couldn't do it, finally he did it did, he succeeded, through hard work and believing in himself, he becames a champion. "Dream, believe in your dream, and work to achieve it", this is what he wants to share in this conference.

Double vice champion of France 2019 CNF & FIM
French Record CWT.B -103m 2019
French Record FIM -100m 2019
French Record FIM -102m 2019
French Record CNF -82 2019
Vice world champion CNF CMAS 2019
Vice world champion CWT.B CMAS 2019
AIDA Vice World Champion FIM 2019
Vice world champion CNF AIDA 2019
Winner of the 2019 AIDA World Championship overall (all disciplines combined)

Double French Champion 2021 CNF & CWT.B
World record CWT.B-115m 2021
French record-111m CWT.B 2021
French Record -85 CNF 2021
WORLD champion CWT.B CMAS 2021
Vice world champion CNF CMAS 2021
FIM bronze medal at the 2021 AIDA World Championship
Vice WORLD champion CWT.B AIDA 2021
Vice WORLD Champion FIM AIDA 2021
Vice WORLD champion CWT AIDA 2021
winner of the AIDA 2021 overall world championship (all disciplines combined)

Double French Champion 2022 CNF & CWT
French record -112m CWT
2022 CWT.B AIDA World Champion
CNF AIDA World Champion 2022
2022 CWT AIDA World Champion
Vice world champion FIM AIDA 2022
Winner of the AIDA 2022 overall world championship (all disciplines combined)

Alenka Artnik

In love with the sea, Alenka remembers her first moments with this element.
Born and raised in a small coastal town, Koper in Slovenia.
At age 30 she felt drowning with the heaviness of life, wishing for the pain to stop. It is when she met freediving and her life forever changed.
Her passion for the underwater, the silence and peace she experienced cured her soul but most importantly, gave her a tool to express herself. She found a purpose.
In 2015 she decided to pack her luggage, left home and purely committed to freediving. It wasn't a rational decision but purely instinctive. The next year she broke her first world record but very quickly after realized that wouldn't be enough. She had to find a purpose beyond the titles.
Rather than just breaking another record, her approach is conservative but consistent. Alenka’s aim is to find the right balance within herself; the mind, the body and the emotions.
Listening to her “internal compass”, rather then acting out of ego and expectations. Her connection with the sea and nature is profound, it is where she feels the most “at home” and safe.
It’s her sanctuary. She might continue breaking world records and pushing the human limits but her life path will always consist of sharing the knowledge and experiences with others and promoting freediving as a therapy and a beautiful example of a sustainable way of interacting with the ocean.
At age 40 she is the deepest woman.

Marco Bardi

Several times national champion.
World and European champion with the national team.
Spearfishing Master - current National Technical Director since 2016

Giacomo De Mola

Born in Ancona, class of 1980, current member of the national freediving fishing team.
World Champion in charge individual and team, 2 times Italian champion, EuroAfrican team champion.
2 times champion of the prestigious Master of Palma.
Individual Euro-African Vice Champion.
Winner of countless other international competitions such as Dive in Zara, City Cup of Rovinj, Memorial Sebastia ’Carbonell, Mallorca, World Champion of Spearfishing Commercial Brands.
In the past he was also a member of the Italian national team of pure freediving, team world champion in Jump blue, third individual and 2 times Italian champion of the constant weight specialty.

Cristina Francone


Miguel Lozano

Miguel Lozano is a professional freediver who specialized in depth disciplines.
He is Vice World Champion in Free Inmersion and Constant Weight no fins.

In 2016 he performed a 122 meters Free Immersion dive at the Caribbean Cup Competition in the Roatán (Honduras), an achievement that today ranks him as the fourth deepest person in the world in this discipline, just 5 meters short of the current world record (-127m) from Matt Malina.
He is owner of some Freediving Centers in Canary Islands (Tenerife) and Egypt (Dahab) and other companies related to Freediving and he will talk about emotional management in deep Freediving, depth adaptation and the Freediving business.

Alexey Molchanov

Multiple world champion (AIDA and CMAS), holder of numerous world records in freediving.
The deepest man in the world in constant attitude


Guillaume Néry

Guillaume Néry grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean sea, in Nice, where he began to practice the art of freediving at only 14 years old.
He became the youngest Freediving world record holder in history when he was 20, he broke 4 depths World Records and he won as well 2 World Champion titles. His personal best was a dive at -126 meters using only his monofin to propel himself. Guillaume can also hold his breath for nearly 8 minutes.
In 2015, he is the victim of a near-death accident while attempting a new world record, achieving at the same time the deepest dive in history at -139m. The incident, due to a mistake by the organization in the measurement of the rope, will subsequently make him decide to distance himself from the pursuit of records.
From then, Guillaume decides to spend most of his time transmitting his vision and the teachings from his discipline: he gives lectures, he is sharing his knowledge at the BLUENERY ACADEMY (his freediving academy for beginners), writes books, and makes underwater films with a unique, artistic and dreamlike approach.
The images of Free Fall, Ocean Gravity or his latest movie One Breath Around The World, all made underwater with Julie Gautier, have been seen around the world and have accumulated tens of millions of views on internet.
During his numerous explorations in the seas and oceans of the planet this last 20 years, he has also been a direct witness to the impact of human activities on the environment.
Today, he uses his voice in a commitment to the ocean’s protection and to raise awareness to the greatest number of people. Much more than a sport, combining aestheticism, performance and transmission, Guillaume practices freediving as an art, his art of living.

Angelo Sciacca

Vice campione del mondo di Apnea Endurance dal 2018 ad oggi
WR Apnea Endurance 2018
Pluriprimatista italiano in apnea e nel nuoto pinnato.
Campione Nazionale Assoluto 400m nuoto pinnato
Campione nazionale di categoria 200m e 400 nuoto pinnato
2 volte record complessivi nazionali
Membro della Nazionale Italiana di Nuoto Pinnato
Medaglia d'argento mondiale 100 m di velocità in apnea 2022
Medaglia di bronzo mondiale 400m Apnea Endurance 2022
Medaglia d'argento mondiale 400m Apnea Endurance 2021
Medaglia d'argento mondiale 800m Apnea Endurance 2021
Medaglia di Bronzo Europea 800m Apnea Endurance 2019
Medaglia d'argento mondiale 800m Apnea Endurance 2018
1 record mondiale
4 volte la migliore performance mondiale nel 2018
17 volte record complessivi nazionali
Medaglia d'argento per l'abilità atletica
Membro della nazionale italiana di apnea (2017- ad oggi) e del nuoto pinnato (2020-2021)
Medaglia d'argento al valore atletico (CONI)
Atleta dell'anno 2021 per l'Apnea

Alessia Zecchini


Petar Klovar

Current depth world champion with World record and deepest competition dive of 132 m in discipline FIM.
Record holder by CMAS in discipline CNF with 94 m.
Holder of medals from World Depth and Pool championships.
Molchanov instructor who had privilege to work with the best instructors and freedivers in business.
This is my fifth year of freediving journey.

coaches and trainers

Vitomir Maricic

Freediving related:
- 2021 World champion pool and depth
- Multiple world record holder
- ADT competition circuit director (8 competitions/year AIDA and CMAS)
- Author for education materials (Molchanovs)
- Instructor AIDA, CMAS, NAUI, Molchanovs
- Instructor Trainer/Instructor Trainer Deveoper
- AIDA Croatia: president
- CMAS freediving commission: member
- AIDA and CMAS international judge
- Founder of AF remote coaching platform
- Professional coach
- Founder of Ocean Rijeka freediving club
- Molchanovs movement, education and medical board member
- Published scientific author
Professional background: Mathematics, Physics, IT, Sport performance, Photography, Videography, Rescue

Alessandro Vergendo

Facilitatore in risorse Umane, laureato in Scienze dell’Educazione e della Formazione. Titolo accademico in Neuromanagement per le organizzazioni. Expert Professional Counselor, formatore. Segue diversi atleti olimpionici di varie discipline sportive e team di nazionali italiane e straniere. Collabora con il dipartimento di psicologia e neurocienze applicate dell’Università Cattolica di Milano ( prof.ssa Michela Balconi ). Collabora in ricerche sulla fisiologia estrema con l’Università di Ginevra, di Udine e di Brescia (Prof. Guido Ferretti e prof.Pietro Enrico Di Prampero )

Andrea Zuccari


Dott. Danilo Cialoni

Il Dr. Danilo Cialoni si occupa da oltre 20 anni di fisiologia e fisiopatologia delle immersioni in apnea coordinando progetti di ricerca e pubblicazioni scientifiche per conto del dipartimento di scienze biomediche dell’università di Padova, di DAN Europe Research e di Apnea Academy Research. Insegna fisiologia e fisiopatologia degli ambienti estremi all’università di Padova, di Pisa e nel master di medicina subacquea ed Iperbarica dell’università di Padova e di Trapani.

Prof. Guido Ferretti

Dott. Nicola SponsiellO

Medico, specialista in scienza dell’alimentazione.
Coordinatore Apnea Academy Research.
Segretario European Sport Nutrition Society


Rosarita Gagliardi

Presidente Apnea Evolution - Specializzata in Sport Marketing and Sponsorship
Facilitatore in Risorse Umane, Counselor sportivo.
Cofondatrice del progetto di Deep Inside Science.
Ha collaborato in diversi progetti di ricerca con Università Brescia, Università di Ginevra e di Udine con il prof. Guido Ferretti e il Prof. Pietro Enrico Di Prampero.
Collabora con l’Università Cattolica di Milano al Master sulla comunicazione Social Media Manager oltre che in progetti legati al wellbeing ed empowerment con aziende e manager e progetti educativi con diversi istituti scolastici

President of
apnea evolution


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A breath taking event

You will have the opportunity to interact and dialogue directly with great champions and being protagonist of an unforgettable event.

It will be a real gathering in a context that will offer you during the previous days the opportunity to follow the European Evolution Cup event that includes water shows and the final of the ‘Giro d’ Italia in Apnea’.

We will also touch on some updates on research and the future of competitions to understand where one can push the human limit and to give you breath taking emotions.

An event of two days with thematic congresses and the presence of important companies in the sector and special partners. An event that will offer you the opportunity to network with the best professionals and realities of the freediving sector at world level.


Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th December 2022

Bella Italia EFA Village
Viale Centrale, 29
Lignano Sabbiadoro (Udine) Italy